About Larry Folding

The desire to be an artist started when I was in a grade school art class. My first watercolor painting was completed in 1965. There have been many distractions along the journey: military service, raising a family, pursuing my career, and golf to name just a few, but the desire to paint and create always endured.

During the 1980’s I chose to stop playing golf so I could set aside more time for painting. That decision made quite a difference, enabling me to complete five or six paintings a week and fifteen to twenty during a five-day workshop.

Over the years, I’ve had a wide range of training experiences, beginning with a three-year extension course at the Rhode Island School of Design. I have attended many art classes at the Worcester and Fitchburg Art Museums and a score of workshops taught by masters in the field like Don Stone on Monhegan Island, Maine, Edward Minchen, Judy Wagner, Ron Ranson, Hillary Page, Peter Spataro, Alvaro Castagnet, Don Andrews, Tony Couch, along the Maine Coast and in Europe with Carlton Plummer and lately with Joseph Zbukvic and David Taylor.